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Business Insider | After years of searching I found high-end leather leggings that don't cost $900 — in fact, they're a third of that price

There are certain wishful wardrobe staples that you resign yourself to never owning. , Louboutins, the classic Burberry trench coat ... the list of usual suspects goes on and on. And for the past few years, real leather leggings were at the top of that list for me.The only solution I've found, , is a fluke in the matrix.To begin, the term "affordable genuine-leather leggings" is a bit of an oxymoron: Real leather leggings typically go for $900 and up. At Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom, . Even faux-leather leggings, of which there are many in various levels of success, can fetch closer to $100, like the crowd-favorite  from Spanx.DSTLD's genuine leather pair is $350, which is about $650 less than the $998 the direct-to-consumer LA startup estimates it would go for in traditional retail. And the material isn't second rate, either. It's 100% stretch Nappa leather, which is a vague way of saying it's really supple. A similar pair is listed for .

Hannah Laverty