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announcements + updates | The Affordable Leather Jacket That Looks Like It Costs a Couple Grand

A great leather jacket is an investment—but it doesn’t have to be a huge one. While some designers are turning out options that cost as much as a used car, DSTLD makes a damn stylish moto jacket that clocks in at just $400. And while some guys would (rightfully) be dubious of the quality considering that price tag, the L.A.-based label packs some serious punch into a jacket that costs about a quarter of what it would at traditional retail.

It’s Made From Seriously Soft Leather.

The first thing anyone should pay attention to when it comes to a leather jacket is right there in the name: the leather. While some folks skimp on materials to keep costs down, DSTLD’s jacket is made from the kind of soft but substantial leather that’s made to stand the test of time. Granted, it’s only been a year since I started putting this thing to the test. (And sure, I don’t wear it every day.) But it’s already molding to my body, feeling even more comfortable, and looking more stylish than ever.

It’s Classic—But Just Modern Enough.

There’s a reason the old-school moto jacket hasn’t changed much since its introduction a century ago: It’s a design classic. The sleek heavy-duty hardware, asymmetrical cut, and cropped length are just plain cool—whether it’s 1953 (the year Brando rocked one in The Wild One🅰) or 2018. Still, this one is cut just a little slimmer than the OG versions, with detailing that’s functional but still makes a nod to modern fashion. In other words, the perfect mix of old and new.

Hannah Laverty